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TV Licence - Armed Forces

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Are Your Dependent Children Registered on JPA?

Declaring dependent Service children on JPA can enable appropriate allowances to be obtained, enable paternity and adoption leave requests and can have an influence on allocation of Service housing and potential assignments.

To complete the registration process, the military member of the family should provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate to their unit HR who will complete the JPA process.

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Army Welfare Service Support To Serving Soldiers & Their Families


The Army Welfare Service (AWS) Personal Support Team is the Army’s professional welfare provider offering a comprehensive, confidential and specialised service.
AWS is the secondary level of welfare support available to serving soldiers and their families when difficulties cannot be dealt with, or must not be dealt with, within the Unit. Trained Army Welfare Workers offer support, advice and guidance to those who are experiencing personal or family difficulties. This covers a wide range of situations including :-

  • Difficulties arising from personal relationships
  • Separation
  • Inability to cope – stress / crisis
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Social issues arising from mental and physical ill health
  • Problems arising from deployment
  • Supporting families who are working with statutory agencies

Referrals and enquiries can be made by telephoning 01904 882053 or e-mail

An Army Welfare Service office is based within Blandford Camp, which covers Blandford, Westmoors, Bovington & Lulworth areas. 

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Moving To Scotland? - Education Guide For Children & Young People

Education in Scotland – An Introductory Guide has been produced with the full backing of the Scottish Government, and provides personnel either in Scotland or moving to Scotland with a comprehensive guide to all phases of education, with handy information and advice. 

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BRITISH Forces Post Office (BFPO) - APP

Find out more about BFPO this link: Click Here <<<

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