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MOD - Arranging Removals

Agility Logistics Limited are the approved MOD provider

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Moving To Or Within Dorset - School In Year Applications

An in year application for a school place is an application when your child is already of school age and wishes to transfer from one school to another.
This may be when you are moving to Dorset, moving house within Dorset, or requesting a change of school for any other reason.

You may make an in year application at any time of the year as there are no closing dates. In year applications will be processed no more than half a term in advance of when the place is required.

Make it clear on your application if you are applying from your current address or your new address. We can only base your application on a new address if you have given us appropriate evidence of this address.

For more information and how to apply for a school place go to

Military families can contact Bovington HIVE to request a
free moving schools pack.(see below)
Tel: 01929 403185 or email

Blandford Camp - Bonkers Soft Play

Located on Nelson Road
near Families Medical Centre on Camp

Bovington Saddle Club & Stables

The Armour Centre Saddle Club exists for the benefit of all members of the Armour Centre, their wives and children. It’s facilities are also extended to students attending courses at the Armour Centre.

The stables are located near the Bovington Nursery School and Tank Museum. There are 40 loose boxes and 15 pony stalls as well as an excellent indoor riding school and 2 outdoor ménage.

Livery charges are kept to a minimum but are dependent on the current cost of forage. The stables has a number of horses and ponies for hire at very competitive rates. Riders can hack supervised or can have riding lessons from B.H.S qualified staff at very reasonable rates in the indoor and outdoor school, or in the British Eventing Cross Country area. 

There is also a thriving pony club for all ages and abilities, culminating in a Pony Club Camp in the Summer.

The South Dorset Hunt offers members of the Armour Centre excellent hunting at reduced rates.

For further information and current charges contact the stables on 01929 403580 or Mil: 3580.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

National Centre For Domestic Violence

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Information Support To Service Pupils Moving Between Schools

To view/download this Brochure please click HERE


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Service Life Insurance

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