Monday, 23 October 2017

Clocks Change This Weekend - End of British Summertime

Service Leavers: A Guide to Living and Working in Germany

There is a growing community of Service Leavers in Germany, which on average increases by over a hundred each year. This Sector Briefing and the linked websites offer invaluable advice and information, on German bureaucracy and administrative actions required for settling in Germany; (German governmental site); and (American site); In addition and complimentary to these is a website dedicated to supporting the British Forces, including veterans, in Germany -

For specific veteran information -

Although Germany and the UK seem to be culturally very similar, and you might have spent a lot of your career in Germany; you may even own your own home etc. but settling over here can still be tricky and you will soon start to realise that Germany is indeed a different country with sometimes alien rules, regulations and processes. Service Leavers and their situations are still a rare commodity in German, and every Service Leaver and each Service Leaver’s story is unique.
Networking is even more important in order to get information passed by word-of-mouth, and please be aware that although regulations across the country are generally the same, the administrations’ interpretations can differ from region to region.

For further information and a useful guide can be found on the CTP Website -  CLICK HERE

AFF Survey on Higher Education

To take AFF's short survey and share your views and experiences, 

Cancer Charity Fundraiser Event - 25 Nov

Project Phoenix - Supporting Veterans in the Criminal Justice System

‘Phoenix’ is the name of the project to reduce the number of re-offending veterans released from prison.
During 2014, the Government undertook a review of Veterans within the Criminal Justice System published in December 2014.

Veterans form the largest occupational group in prison.

Project Phoenix was designed to specifically respond to the issues raised in the report.

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Army Families - News from Reading Force

Click HERE for the latest RF newsletter for teachers, Service Pupil Champions, HIVE officers, and club leaders. It includes the chance to win £150 worth of books for your school!

Military Wives Choir - Home For Christmas Tour 2017

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National Express Coach Service - Military Discounts

Book your travel via the Defence Discount Service

You will need to show your DDS card or MOD 90 when you board the coach.

BFPO Christmas Posting Information

See this link for latest recommended posting dates for BFPO mail at
Details of eligibility for the Christmas Families Free Mail Service (CFFMS), which is an extension of the Enduring Families Free Mail Service (EFFMS) to certain additional locations over the Christmas period, can also be found on this page.

BFPO addresses are eligible to take part in Royal Mail’s Letter to Santa -
All letters (UK) must arrive by 8 December to receive a reply from Father Christmas! 

Ex-Service Personnel Pensions Guide

There are now three Armed Forces pension schemes for members of the Regular Armed Forces and the one which applies to you depends upon your age, length of service and the decisions you have made during your career.

It is important that everyone should have a basic knowledge of their pensions position, the scheme or schemes that apply to them and what that means in terms of the timing and scale of pensions payments they will receive.

Career Transition Partnership has produced a useful guide containing information on pension options for military personnel leaving regular service, as well as the Reserve Forces Pension Scheme (RFPS) for Reservists.

There is also information on Armed Forces Redundancy Schemes and the War Widow's or War Widower's pension.

For further information from the CTP Website -